Water Talker

Water Talker

This recording is from a presentation “The Water Talker” recorded in October of 2016. The event was the RIHHA Holistic Awareness Expo in Warwick Rhode Island. This was the third year I had a booth at the show sharing the I Ching Systems Instruments as well as some other material. This was the first year I was asked to be a “speaker”.

Water is something most of us take for granted,…. depending on where you live. We go to the tap, or go to the store and blindly gulp down water with out really giving it much thought. What I propose here is that water is a living, breathing entity capable of receiving, holding, and transmitting energy or thought patterns. Water is indeed sacred and if respected and treated as such, water has the ability to assist us in creating and maintaining vibrant health and longevity.

Please listen to the presentation below and share this knowledge with your family and friends. Water is so much more that we have been taught.

Jim Standish at the RIHHA Holistic Awareness Expo 10/16/2016 Part 1.

Jim Standish at the RIHHA Holistic Awareness Expo 10/16/2016 Part 2.


JIM STANDISH is a Board Certified, Registered Reiki Master/Teacher.
So I come with open arms, a loving heart, and a ton of knowledge, wanting to share what has been so lovingly bestowed upon me. I bring a simple, down to earth approach to topics that may seem far out or hard to understand. Most of the so called new age stuff is not so new at all. The evidence would suggest that most of it is just long forgotten. I offer you the opportunity to remember. To remember what it is like to breathe consciously, to remember what it is like to drink living water, to remember what it is like to eat living food, to remember what it is like to have loving relationships, to remember what it is like to enjoy perfect health and Inner Balance.
This is not a pill,….it is a process. Let’s work together. Let’s make a map. Let’s start the journey. It begins with YOU.”
Email: jim@ichingtools.com / Cell: 401-684-1230



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