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Here you will find Articles, News and General Subject Matter dedicated to the Self Preservation of the Human Operating System. Most “Alternative Medicine” is not alternative at all,.. in fact many self preservation techniques are many thousands of years old. The I Ching is itself the oldest binary math code known to man.

Modern Science is now confirming that some of these “Ancient Secrets” are not only valid, they are crucial to maintaining Physical, Mental and Emotional Well Being.

Every living being desires to experience creation from Perfect Balance Point. That “place” where the energy centers are aligned, energy is flowing properly through the system, and “oneness” can be experienced. When energy is flowing properly through the body, the body has a much better chance of healing itself.

Please browse the articles below and see if the Tools, Tips and Techniques are a fit for you.

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  • Meditation: 15-20 mins. a day will yield incredible health benefits.
  • I Ching Systems: A non-invasive, non-ingested, non-toxic balancing technology.
  • Structured Water: H3O2 delivers more oxygen to your blood stream.


I Ching Systems

Structured Water

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  • close-up-of-a-young-man-thinking-and-looking-away


    ALL ABOUT IDENTITY: WHO ARE WE? by: Mary Miller MSW, Health Freedom Advocate It is so natural for us to want to define ourselves in [...]
  • Significance of the number 108

    Significance of the number 108

    Significance of the number 108 by Cora Wen – Yoga Bloom. Have you ever wondered about the Significance of the number 108? Mala or Prayer [...]
  • old book

    Ancient Sayings For Happiness and Health

    This article first appeared in mindbodygreen.com and is written by David Zulberg In a world of conflicting advice from all sorts of health [...]
  • math-pic8.gif

    It’s All About the Math !!!

    by: Mary Miller MSW, Health Freedom Advocate Each time you have a conversation with a friend or colleague, you are seeking to resolve an [...]

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